Namaste beautiful soul,

my name is Clara and I guide women in connecting back to their inner teacher and live life as their highest, happiest Self.

Any exploration of suffering is an exploration of our misdirection, of the circumstances and choices that have taken us away from our hearts, our inner guidance system; that have separated us from who we truly are.

I offer kinesiology therapy, yoga classes, meditations, angelic reiki and women circles.

Welcome to my website!

After spending years visiting many healers, trying all sorts of self-discovery tools and, shifting old and limiting beliefs about myself and my potential; I decided to share my journey and knowledge so other women can get back to their most authentic, free Self too.

It is time to clear old beliefs and conditioning that keep us small and separated from each other, from nature. Let's bring hope and healing to the planet so our children can be raised in a higher vibration and actually bring peace to the world.

“The world will be saved by the Western Woman”

The Dalaï Lama

I am so excited to contribute to the healing of the women that cross my path so that, together, we can bring healing and light to the future generations.


So much change happens around a woman getting back in touch with herself, and using her own unique gifts to bring harmony to her life and body.

I am so grateful that I can support women through their healing to welcome the new seeds of tomorrow’s beautiful world.

The world needs us, women, to heal the ancestral lineages’ traumas, step into our creative power and be whom we came here to be.


“You never change things by fighting the existing reality.
To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Buckminster Fuller

Peace comes from a place of healing, and it starts with oneself.

About me

I am a nature lover, a therapist for women wanting to connect back to their body and find love and comfort inside themselves.

I am a yoga teacher specialised in the perineum health, an astrology and Human Design enthusiast and a student of life.

I am a Libra in constant search of peace and beauty, with a Moon in Taurus and Venus in Sagittarius and a 3/5 projector in Human Design.



I draw inspiration from and continue to study:


  • hatha yoga

  • womb yoga, from Uma Dinsmore-Tulli

  • yoga nidra

  • Buddhist meditations

  • astrology, human design

  • chinese medicine and energy medicine,

from Donna Eden

  • Qoya, from Rochelle Schieck

  • feminine hormonal cycles, with the

work of Alexandra Pope and Sjanie Hugo


  • moon cycle and manifestation

  • chi gong


Yoga for each cycle of a Woman's life

Aromatherapy for well-being

Meditation and visualisation for building your dream life

Yoga and meditation techniques for finding inner peace

Moon cycle manifestation

Therapist Certificate in High-Level Wellness & Vitality (2017) with North West London Kinesiology

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training Diploma (2017) with Vivid Yoga, 

Pre and Post Natal Yoga (2018) with the De Gasquet Institute

Yoga for pregnancy and '4th trimester' support

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